Building And Pest Inspection QA

1. Is it compulsory to perform the process of building and pest inspection on my property?
It is not said to be compulsory but it can be considered good to have it done. As this process is done under the proper guidance of our expert building inspectors who have complete knowledge as well as license to handle the building and pest inspection process and also could help you out with the problems that are been faced by your side.

2. Can I contact the inspector after completing my building and pest inspection process for any queries in future?
Yes you can contact our inspectors at any time and they will be completely helping you out with your queries.

3. Do you provide special attention to the areas I want in my property?
Yes, we do provide special attention to the areas decided by your side and we don’t ever charge extra fees for it.

4. What if I am unable to understand the reports given by your side?
We provide special reports in which we use very simple as well as easy language which is very easy to understand.

5. Do you take photographs of the reports?
Yes, we do have a photographic record of the reports with us.

6. When do I get my reports?
Once the inspection is done by our expert team we send you the reports within 24 hours. We provide report in hardcopy as well as in the photo form whichever you want.

7. Can I get some details about the cancellation of policy?
The policy can be cancelled without 24 hours of the inspection and if you will to do so we charge you extra money which is known as fine for the cancellation.

8. How can I book an inspection?
The inspection can be easily booked at phone and the contact number is well displayed on our website.