L. William

“I am a person with really short temper. And due to my nature I have faced frequent fights at my workplace as well as at home. The same thing happened with the team of building and pest inspection many times. Every time I raised different types of questions as well as created different types of conflicts for the same.”

Paul Wilson

“The service which I got at building and inspection adelaide is unbelievable. The team really worked very hard for me. I needed my work to be done very soon and the team did so for me. And the best part was they dint even charged any type of extra fees from our side which was really surprising. Over all I loved the service.”

K. Paulson

“The experience which I had with the team is completely outstanding. I found the team very hard working as well as polite both at the same time. Really appreciate the work done by them."

James Paul

“Everything was so perfect from start to end. Starting from the free initial consultation till the end of the process everything was carried out very smoothly as well as patiently. They took care of every legal procedure also with it very carefully.”

Jenny. H

“I really appreciate the efforts taken by the team. They never kept me disappointed every time I went to the team I was given a personalized service which was very nice also the people there were very simple as well as hard working.”

Building And Pest Inspection QA

1. Is it compulsory to perform the process of building and pest inspection on my property?
It is not said to be compulsory but it can be considered good to have it done. As this process is done under the proper guidance of our expert building inspectors who have complete knowledge as well as license to handle the building and pest inspection process and also could help you out with the problems that are been faced by your side.

2. Can I contact the inspector after completing my building and pest inspection process for any queries in future?
Yes you can contact our inspectors at any time and they will be completely helping you out with your queries.

3. Do you provide special attention to the areas I want in my property?
Yes, we do provide special attention to the areas decided by your side and we don’t ever charge extra fees for it.

4. What if I am unable to understand the reports given by your side?
We provide special reports in which we use very simple as well as easy language which is very easy to understand.

5. Do you take photographs of the reports?
Yes, we do have a photographic record of the reports with us.

6. When do I get my reports?
Once the inspection is done by our expert team we send you the reports within 24 hours. We provide report in hardcopy as well as in the photo form whichever you want.

7. Can I get some details about the cancellation of policy?
The policy can be cancelled without 24 hours of the inspection and if you will to do so we charge you extra money which is known as fine for the cancellation.

8. How can I book an inspection?
The inspection can be easily booked at phone and the contact number is well displayed on our website.

Building Inspection Cost

The structure that has been made by Building and pest Inspection Adelaide is very reliable as well as affordable both at the same time. It gets matched with every range of people who are really interested in doing building and pest inspection process on their property. At Building and pest we try and provide very reliable as well as personalized service to each and every client that is coming to us for getting the services done from our side. We have a special team of inspectors who come to your house for servicing you every time you come to us.

We have a system of charging very less fees from the clients coming to us. We also provide initial consultation free to every client coming to us. Only after the complete completion of the work is done from our side we charge our fees from your side.

The list of happy clients is always flaunting on our website in the form of testimonials.

Building Inspectors Adelaide

There are people who are involved in the process of building and pest inspection adelaide for different types of areas. The people who are responsible for doing the whole process of property inspection are called as building inspector their work is completely based on doing different types of building inspections. These inspectors are completely licensed as well as experienced to deal with the complete process of yours and come up with different types of activities that are required for the process.

The choice that you make for the inspector the same will be obtained to you by the inspector as these all things are completely dependent on the work that is been done by the inspector And your one choice will decide the good and bad impact about your property. As your choice would be same would be its impact on your property purchased.

This need for the building inspection arises when there is attack of pests and termites is seen and when they have started making harm to the properties of the person. As a result it becomes compulsory task which is very necessary to be performed on the property you possess at least once in a year or twice a year.

To search different types of insects and pests that have been found out during the process of building inspection that has been found out. And this can only be done by the person who is very well experienced as well as well trained for the same in it.


  • Firstly the visit is done by the inspector at your house.
  • Complete report about the pests and insects that exist in the house are found.
  • Then the estimate time of the work done and of the price are also given for the same.
  • And that at end the works gets done once the client gets convinced.

Asbestos Audit Reports Adelaide

There are people involved in making of asbestos audit report they are expert people who are experienced as well as well trained who are there to make your deal with building and pest inspections very easy as well as fun loving both at the same time. There are many building inspectors who are completely responsible for making the reports on asbestos audit by which it could turn to be really fun loving as well easy both at the same time.

The asbestos audit report is usually defined with the help of the official documents which are specially prepared by specialist inspector who are completely professional as well as experienced both at the same time.

The asbestos finding inspection should also be done to find out different types of asbestos found in the property material. Every location of your house is inspected and then the final results are obtained for the same and the results found are always outstanding as well as completely unique.

Whatever the problem is found out relating to property or to the person who has made it should be completely involved in the asbestos audit report that has been made by the client side. Every small as well as big note of things is to be mentioned very clearly as well as minutely both at the same time.

We at building and pest inspections Adelaide help you with all types of problems that are been occurring due to the asbestos and we also help you out with the different solutions for the same in it and we also have a team of best experienced as well as completely professional individuals for the same who can help you with every big as well small problem that has been faced by you relating to your property causing you continuous stress as well as uneasiness.

Building and Pest Condition Report Adelaide

Building and Pest Condition Report is also an important part of the building and pest inspection and we at building and pest inspection Adelaide can help you completely with it. We have a team of well trained building inspections who are always there to inspect your full property and help you in finding out all types of faults as well as damages that have incurred to the building.

Every small detail of each and every property condition that has been affected could be found it very easily as well as in very short time period. It is very necessary to find the condition reports for the same and to get the required results as soon as possible with an affordable budget.

In condition report every small note of the poor condition as well as the broken condition could be found out very efficiently. Every detail note on the stained carpet, broken door, infected furniture or termite infection will be easily shown in the condition reports made by them.

At Building and Pest inspection Adelaide we always give our full to give the desired results very quickly as well easily to avoid different types of problems and losses.


  • Complete condition reports can be easily known with ease.
  • Every detail on small as well as big details can be known with much ease.
  • Every estimate relating to small as well as big detail could be found out easily.
  • Different types of necessary things could also be found out very easily as well as efficiently.
  • Different measures are to be taken for saving the property from all infections.
  • Various new changes could be made with much ease as well as with efficiency.
  • All other internal factors of the property can also be known very quickly as well efficiently.

Thermal Imaging Inspection Adelaide

There are pests everywhere now-a-days, cockroaches under fridges and termite in wall and floor cavities for instance

Termites are attracted to moisture and, if you have water leaks in kitchens or bathrooms you may unknowingly be inviting unwelcome guests!

We use a thermal imaging camera because it’s a great way of finding termites that you cannot see/

Advantages of thermal imaging inspection process:
* non-destructive
* finds termites fast
* cost effective

Contact us for your building and pest inspection Adelaide enquiries

Pest Inspection Adelaide

We at building and pest inspection Adelaide help you throughout the problem of pest on your property. As the loss incurred by pest is very high as well as very dangerous on the same side. Pest inspection process is a process in which complete inspection is done on your property to find out the overall damage that has been incurred to the property for the same. It can be easily found out the total fungal decay that is on property as well other defects occurred due to presence of various other insects in it. With the help of expert as well as qualified team it could be easily found out and their help can be found out for the same.

In today’s time the cases in which there is high chance of property to get damaged by these types of pests has also increased up to heights. So to find the complete problem as well as the solution for it the process of pest inspection is carried out.

Whenever you are planning for buying a property or have your own property and you want to keep it up to date without any damage, fault by any type of pest attack so in that case you should always go for taking advice from expert and trained inspectors who are present to find and guide you for any type of pest inspection occurred in the whole property. The pests who are found in the reports can do a huge type of internal property at the same time.

We have a team of qualified and experienced building inspectors who are well trained to deal with the whole process of pest inspection as well as helpful in giving advice regarding the future deals. Proper cost estimate as well as the time duration is given by the team of experts.

Building Inspection Adelaide

Building inspection is a important part of building and pest inspection which is where necessary to be carried out. It is a process which is performed to know the the complete detailed condition of your property where it is affected by find any type of hazard or is dealing with any type of pest inspection issue in it.

By carrying out the building inspection you can easily compare your property to the other property of same age and construction that is also available in the option of it. And after getting the complete information it would be very easy to make the important decision regarding what type of property is to be purchased and how much importance it has.

We have a team of qualified as well expert inspectors who are very well trained and experienced to perform the complete process of building inspection only for you and they have also as well as work according to the Australian standards that have been decided. .

Complete survey is done by the inspectors to help you in finding out all the defects, major problems or any other problems in the property that are required to be found out in detail so that charts can be found be found out regarding all the requirements and after that charts are made for giving reliable as well as affordable charts which play a very important role for client in deciding whether he is done with the reports or not.

After all the building inspections are carried out it will be very easy for you to keep your property up to date along with the safety and security that could be created with different types of hazards. And the building inspectors that have been hired will help you by giving you proper directions throughout the process as per your requirement.

Strata Inspection Adelaide

Here at building and pest inspection Adelaide we carry all important activities relating to building all over Adelaide. Whenever an overall building inspection is done it includes various important parts in it. Making of Strata inspection report is also a very important in it. There are various other things that are also to be included for the same.

A strata inspection report is the report which carries details of all the financial matters that are relating to the building. Every small note of the overall damage that has been occurred to the building and what is its estimated cost of repair everything is very well decided here with ease. Exact estimates are given for the repairs and its necessary things that are very necessary to be done. The strata report will also include all the special records of the major works that had planned or if anything that is special and very important been placed by the owners side.

Making of strata inspection report

  • Firstly an inspection is carried out by the team of special inspectors which are hired by us.
  • They start with the inspection on your place.
  • Then after that the building reports are been made for the overall damage that has been occurred.
  • After discussing the problems in detail the estimates are taken out for the same.
  • The process of giving the overall financial report for the expenditure that is to be done is known as the strata report.
  • That report is then given to the client if he feels satisfied by it he can ask for an inspection at his place.

It is very necessary that building and pest inspection should always be performed with a strata inspection report as it becomes very easy for the client to decide whether he can afford it or not.

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