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Building Inspection Report Adelaide

Whenever people are involved in the purchase of house there are various things to be done at the prior time there are many things that have to be kept in mind for the same. The most important part is to have building and pest inspection done for the building which is going to be purchased. After the inspections are been done by the building inspectors the reports are been made that reports are known as the building report. These reports let us know what types of changes are to be done in the property, is buying that property is really worth or not. The people purchasing the building would be safe in it or not and many other basic things that are necessary to be known.

Things to be added in building report

  • The total time that is to be taken at the time of inspection.
  • The estimated time period by which the work would be completed.
  • The total number of people that will be requiring in the inspection that is to be done.
  • The total estimate relating to the losses that have been incurred in the building.
  • What types of expenses are there and the reasons for its spread.
  • Is it really worth to invest in the property you are having right now.
  • Special reports regarding the special area of your property mentioned by you is also known.

We are present here in Adelaide to provide you with some of the best, affordable and reliable services which are where essential at the time of building as well as pest inspection. After the complete survey as well as after the full inspection is done we will be providing you a detailed report within 24 hours of the building and pest inspection adelaide that has been done.

Dilapidation Report Adelaide

Dilapidation report is a report prepared by licensed experts who have many years of experience in their field. Dilapidation report is prepared to get sure about the property structural integrity. This report is basically conducted to check the strength of the building and if the building can handle the load of construction or demolition or excavation and also to get the legal clearance if anyone claims the damage.

Dilapidation report is carried out before the construction or excavation or demolition and also after the construction or excavation or demolition. This report is completely legal and a document is signed by both the parties before the construction / excavation or demolition work that is of owner who has hired the building inspector and of the inspector himself. All the details of building are mentioned in the report already. Once the construction of the building starts then the inspector starts working on actual report. If any construction or demolition takes place in neighbourhood then inspectors also inspect that property in order to check the structural strength and integrity of that property.

The Dilapidation report consist information about the building such as measurement of the building, which has each and every detail about the building, important notes about the building and all the necessary photographs of the building that are attached in report, essential diagrams which help in understanding the report more clearly. This report holds a lot of importance because if the time comes when anyone accuses our construction or demolition work to their damage claim we can present this report and all the doubts can be immediately resolved.

This is completely a legal aid document which is to be signed by both the parties i.e. the owner of the building who hires the inspector and also the inspector who conducts the inspection.

Contact us today to get the best quotes for dilapidation report at most affordable rates in Adelaide.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection Adelaide

Buying a property is not at all an easy deal there are various kinds of things that are to be checked before it. The main thing is building and pest inspection this is a must which is to be checked at the time of purchase of the building. Before purchasing this check is to be done compulsorily so that no future problems arise due to it. Because if you fail to do so you can face a huge number of loss.

Our building and pest inspection Adelaide team has many years of experience in this field as it had been working for the same for over 20 years. We have a long list of happy clients for the same in it.

The things included in inspection are:

  • Any types of issue that are related to home or buildings structure and its foundation
  • Complete inspections relating to various structural weaknesses are known which caused due to weather, pests or any other issues that are present in the surroundings.
  • Whether the property complies to the Australian standard or not is also checked.
  • How much time is required for the recoveries that are to be done is also estimated.
  • How much will be the total expenditure faced at the end of the project is also known.
  • The first initial consultation is always free for the people.
  • A chart regarding the overall damage that is done is also seen here and is discussed with the client also.

According to the building and pest inspection team Adelaide we suggest people that: “As much eager as you are during the purchase of the house you should be the same at the time of its inspection because if you fail to do so you will only suffer.€


Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide

We at building and pest inspection Adelaide provide the very best building and pest inspection services to all types of clients who are interested in building inspections to detect various types of problems in them. We can help you with all types of services that are completely related to building inspection, pest inspection, and termite inspection or for any other type.

We provide a building report to our clients after the inspection is conducted by our side and that too in 24 hours of time. The reports made by our side are very easy to understand by the client. We also provide hand written reports if there arises special requirement for it.

Following is the list of inspection services provided by us:

  • Pre Purchase Building Inspection
  • Dilapidation Report
  • Termite Inspection
  • Building Report
  • Strata Inspection report
  • Building Inspections
  • Pest Inspection
  • Pool Inspection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Condition Reports
  • Asbestos Audit Report
  • Building inspector

The services provided by our side are completely reliable as well as affordable at the same time. We are experts in the business that is done by us. We have a team of highly qualified members who are able to perform the process of building and pest inspection both.

Why Choose Us

We all need to take certain important decisions in our life regarding our type. Same is to be done while Choosing a person whom you want to get involved completely to deal with your precious and important property as well for the decisions that are to be taken in it.

It is very necessary process which must only be performed correctly so that we don’t have to bare any kind of loss in your property as well as in the decisions taken for it. Because a single mistake that would have been occurred could ruin each and everything that had been coming at the time of Building inspection Adelaide.

But on the same side if we select a right and qualified inspector who could help us to deal with our process then we can be very sure that we will be happy to end your process with profit as well as with complete satisfaction.

At Building and pest inspection Adelaide we have a huge name for proving all reliable and quality services that are all required for inspecting properties.

Following are some reason by which you will surely know that why you should to choose us for performing building and pest inspection process:

We always conduct brief inspections on your property by which we can easily find out any structural fault or damage in your property along that we can also know that are there any other kinds of bugs or pest in your property for the same or not.

  • We have before also performed many cases for building and pest inspection in adelaide and due to it we have learnt a lot of things from many years of experience.
  • We hold all the basic things that are required. We are licensed and experienced company in Adelaide who are able to deal with the building and pest inspection processes completely.
  • We take complete care and see that our client remain tension free and relax throughout the process.
  • We have all the basic required as well as necessary equipments which are very essential for conducting the building and pest inspection process in Adelaide.

About Us

Building And Pest Inspection Service

Building and pest inspections Adelaide has a name for being the Australia’s fastest developed franchise. They look at the needs of the clients for the building as well as the pest services and help them in providing some of the very easy and accurate services in a very short duration of time as well as very accurate reports along with it in a very short duration of time as well.

Keeping in mind all the basic needs of training, licensing, education and every other thing in mind the team of building and pest inspection Adelaide has been made who provide you the complete service from the start till the end.

A message by Director and Building Inspector Adelaide:

The experience that our team members hold cannot be compared with the other people working for the same. We are having over 20 years of experience in the building and pest inspection industry and we have worked hard for obtaining different types of qualifications and degrees, which also includes pest inspectors’ license and an unrestricted builder’s license which are very necessary in the field of building as well as pest inspections.

I believe you should always love your work and so do I love my job. Mainly I focus and also make sure people do not buy homes full of nasty or filled with pests living in it with some of the expensive surprises in it. We have a team of experts who can help you from it so that you are easily saved from it at the time of purchase itself.



  • A strong and talented team of people.
  • People are given personalized service every time.
  • Low budgets are made for small types of properties.
  • Work is completed quickly and efficiently

Our Franchisees:

Building & Pest Inspections Gold Coast Roy Hiscock
Building & Pest Inspections Gold Coast & Brisbane Luke Taylor


Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide

At Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide, we understand your urgency and we are the experts in identifying and locating all those defective crannies and nooks that the vendor always try to hide so that he can sell the property to you quickly without facing any interrogation. Here, we understand the importance of Building and Pest Inspection for your house and how to make it beneficial for both you and your house.

Our principle Building Inspectors have more than 25 years in the trade and has lived in the area for an equivalent amount of time, we know the area; we are aware of all the forms of construction used in property building and therefore we know all the problems and issues that can arise from each form of construction. All our building inspections and building inspection reports are completed and carried out to the high standards expected under the Australian Standards 4349.1 and Australian Standards 4349.3.

We can always identify that time can be of the essence to you and therefore our building inspectors and pest inspections are available for you for almost 24/7. Therefore, we can carry out all our building and pest inspections at very short notice. Once completed, we will telephone you immediately with the outline results of our inspection and you will receive the fully detailed report, complete with high-density photographs, within 24 hours.

Our Popular Services

Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide offers services like:

  • Comprehensive building inspection reports emailed on the same evening of the building inspection we only need 24 hours notice to make your booking
  • Advice of more than 1000 major and minor structural issues and defects on your potential purchase
  • Building Inspection Reports in compliance with the current Australian Standard (4349.1 – Building Inspections – Residential)
  • Full professional indemnity insurance to cover our building inspections
  • Pest Control Service in Adelaide

Our building and pest inspectors and specialists provide the means to check the true value of the property. That is the obvious value buyers can see in the property they intend to purchase, minus the cost of rectification and repairs that our inspection experts investigate.Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide focuses on determining the presence of wood destroying pests and insects, for example, termites, borers and decaying fungi and other organisms. We utilize different cutting edge technologies to help distinguish these insects notwithstanding the Australian Standards and Inspection guides rules. The Termite Inspection by Building and Pest Inspections won’t just detect and distinguish the insects and termites but also will provide you comprehensive maintenance plan to prevent your investment from any future attack. Our Termite inspections cost you a little amount of money and save you from any future expenditure on termite inspections. The process of building inspection Adelaide turns to be very easy to perform if you are having a special person hired known as specialist inspector who completely deals with the pros and cons of the inspection process.

Important Reports

We provide following given reports to our clients regarding their property after conducting the inspection:

  • Inspection Report
  • Building and Pest Inspection Report
  • Condition Report
  • Asbestos Audit Report
  • Strata Inspection Report
  • Dilapidation Report
  • Termite Inspection Report

Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide has been providing building and pest inspections and services like Dilapidation reports, termite inspection and pre purchase building inspections for a long time now and we are known as one of the leading and best provider of this service in Australia. We are focused on furnishing our each and every client with expert services and absolutely independent Building and Pest Inspections including Pre Purchase Building Inspections and Termite Inspection, and take great pride in our reputation, being aware of the fact that more than 60% of all building and pest inspections we carry out have been recommended to us from our previous customers. Each Building and Pest Inspection is carried out by our insured and fully licensed building inspectors. Most of our building inspectors have years of experience in the building and pest inspections Adelaide industry.

Why Chose Us?

Because we are best at our job!
We are committed to our clients by providing them detailed, understandable and accurate reports relating to building and pest inspections. These reports assist you, the purchaser in making the right decision while purchasing your property because we all are highly aware of the fact that purchasing a house is a big and rare investment and a very crucial decision that an individual will make in his life. So, Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide is present for making this decision easy for you by providing you all the informed choices and ensuring that your decision of making this investment is not affected by any structural and pest infection issues. Our help and confirmation regarding the building and pest inspection will save your increased expenses from any future termite attacks. If you carry out the process of building and pest inspections prior to your investment, it might be hugely beneficial to you in terms of finance and the resale value of your property.

We make great efforts to bestow competitive prices to all our clients whilst delivering personal, and professional and detailed building inspection and pest inspection services. We firmly believe that taking the clients through each and every single detail of the reports is very important, providing all the facts relating to the property the client are looking to make an investment or purchase. Due to these facts only you have the option of making an informed decision along with the comfort of having the knowledge of any hidden costs providing you a strong position at the negotiating table. So you should always have our name at the top of your Building and Pest Inspection Checklist.

Our Interstate Franchisees:

Building & Pest Inspections Gold Coast Roy Hiscock
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