Dilapidation Report Adelaide

Dilapidation report is a report prepared by licensed experts who have many years of experience in their field. Dilapidation report is prepared to get sure about the property structural integrity. This report is basically conducted to check the strength of the building and if the building can handle the load of construction or demolition or excavation and also to get the legal clearance if anyone claims the damage.

Dilapidation report is carried out before the construction or excavation or demolition and also after the construction or excavation or demolition. This report is completely legal and a document is signed by both the parties before the construction / excavation or demolition work that is of owner who has hired the building inspector and of the inspector himself. All the details of building are mentioned in the report already. Once the construction of the building starts then the inspector starts working on actual report. If any construction or demolition takes place in neighbourhood then inspectors also inspect that property in order to check the structural strength and integrity of that property.

The Dilapidation report consist information about the building such as measurement of the building, which has each and every detail about the building, important notes about the building and all the necessary photographs of the building that are attached in report, essential diagrams which help in understanding the report more clearly. This report holds a lot of importance because if the time comes when anyone accuses our construction or demolition work to their damage claim we can present this report and all the doubts can be immediately resolved.

This is completely a legal aid document which is to be signed by both the parties i.e. the owner of the building who hires the inspector and also the inspector who conducts the inspection.

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